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    We provide fiber internet solutions for condos, apartments and businesses with speeds up to and above 1 Gbps (1000Mbps). Our product is simple, reliable and transparent with affordable pricing starting as low as $20.00 for bulk services.


    Our IT solutions provide small to mid-size business flexible and customizable services to cater to their specific IT needs. From network administration to management to monitoring and inventory. We provide what you need with a la carte pricing starting as low as $25.00/month.

    About Us

    Our Company

    Data Hunters is a professional Fiber Optic Internet Service Provider for condos, HOAs, apartments and businesses. Data Hunters custom builds and operated private networks for condos and HOAs. We dedicate ourselves to making sure our customers are always connected at the lowest possible prices out there. We strive to stay more than competitive in the market whether it is pricing or product performance. Data Hunters utilizes industry leading billing software, along with state of the art networking monitoring capabilities. Our goal is to make the user experience from all aspects simple and reliable. Data Hunters also provides managed IT Services to small and mid-size businesses that are looking to outsource IT solutions to focus 100% on the growth of their business.

    Our Team

    The Data Hunters team has a combined experience of over 20 years in the communications and information technology industry with backgrounds in Engineering, Accounting and Management. Our team is certified by CompTIA and Cisco in various disciplines. Our team is here to provide all your internet needs to keep you focused and productive without worrying about being connected. Our team also specializes in custom infrastructures and only thinks outside the box. Our practices are not traditional and this is why our team is able to constantly achieve the impossible and deliver services where others can not. 

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